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Business Operations

Goals of Technoglobal Inc.

At the beginning of the 21st century, practical application of biometrics (biometric
authentication) technology rapidly began to become a reality, also in July 2012 Apple acquired
fingerprint authentication company AuthenTec, starting with that the smartphone and tablet markets
dramatically expanded. By this acquisition of Apple, fingerprint authentication technology became
the center of all Apple products and Apple IT strategy, so there were great expectations for
Technoglobal Inc. as a provider of fingerprint authentication technology instead of AuthenTec. After
more than 20 years of research and development of fingerprint authentication technology we have the
most advanced technology, and provide services to the world market, striving to be the best
biometric authentication business while providing fingerprint authentication products and services.

Global Funding Strategy

Technoglobal Inc. has been asked to provide new technology to SAMSUNG, Fingerprint Cards
AB (FPC), SHARP, FUJITSU, Panasonic, SECOM, NTT DOCOMO, etc as well as requests for services
regarding counter-terrorism measures for the Middle East, Asia, and African countries, and for
security enhancement to national large-scale projects, by providing such services we plan on using
the funds received as working capital to invest in future equipment and operations.
In addition, in China, fingerprint authentication will become a key technology in Chinese
information technology, therefore, a great opportunity for expanding sales of fingerprint
authentication products in high level financial companies in the Chinese market is now here.

Our Goal is to Make a Global Conglomerate for Fingerprint Authentication

There is a rapid increase in demand for fingerprint authentication
technology in consumer products.

The non-Apple camp (SAMSUNG, Google, Microsoft, etc.) of information devices and
information systems, teamed up with Technoglobal Inc. and sensor companies is expected to
dominate the non-Apple-based smartphone fingerprint market.

If Technoglobal Inc. were to provide all products with fingerprint
authentication functions, estimating that roughly 70% of one billion devices are in the
non-Apple camp, Technoglobal Inc. would need funds of at least 20-30 billion yen, to fill
this urgent need to establish a stable supply of fingerprint authentication technology for
information devices and systems.

In smartphone related areas, such as laptop PCs, also in homes and offices etc.
the use of fingerprint authentication in consumer products is growing, the need is rapidly
expanding to provide for such demand in the industry of fingerprint authentication
technology from CBA Japan and Beyond LSI (BLC).

Technoglobal Inc. is currently preparing the provision of third party personal authentication
for any net application app. By the efforts of partnership from now on to lead the global
internet financial settlement, we aim to be a force that can compete with Apple.