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Company History


1995 Establishment of ‘Technoimagica’ aiming to become Japan’s first domestically produced
fingerprint authentication company.
Start of commercialization of the fingerprint reader camera FP-200LSC.
Start of optimum work on fingerprint matching algorithm and 100,000 fingers of 200LSC.
1996 Completion of commercialization of PP-STATION (ISA bus).
Orders from Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd for built-in ATM machines.
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., quality control and assurance inspection pass.
Later this year, the company’s basic policy goes to fabless manufacturing.
1997 Completion of commercialization of FP-RADER BASE (1: N matching)
Full-fledged business startup.
Japan Industrial Journal (Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun) Venture Award
1998 Decision to sell trade name in order to avoid similarities with IMAGICA and to promote
internationalization. Company name change to Technoimagia Co., Ltd.
CTST’98 (Washington) exhibition, RADER BASE receives a high evaluation.
Contract signed with US VERIDICOM and partners, adoption of CMOS sensor.
1999 Adoption of US 3Di Inc. and μ-JAVA
Signed partner contract with France Thomson Corporation, adoption of CMOS sensor.
Technical cooperation with US 3Di Inc.
2000 Contracts signed with RSA Security (Ltd.) and the company’s encryption method adopted.
Joint development agreement for wireless communication carrier and fingerprint verification
2001 Adoption of Focus Systems(Ltd.) encryption method.
Begin to release Web-enabled fingerprint authentication server.
2004 Joint development with Casio Computer Co., Ltd. of a fingerprint authentication
Joint development with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. of IC card internal fingerprint
authentication system
Multi-function fingerprint authentication device "FP-PLUS" series announced.
2005 The leading mobile communication operators adopt fingerprint authentication verification
50,000 finger identifications in one second.
Identity verification at the time of Internet use.
Commercialization of the world’s smallest fingerprint authentication device
Texas Instruments
Partnership for production and sales of fingerprint authentication set.
From representative director Rikihiro Madarame shares acquired, also take over of new
shares, acquired 66% of shares (yen capital 631,250,000).
2006 Taketoshi Kashiwabara becomes the representative director.
Participate in the proceedings for the international standardization project of fingerprint
authentication methods promoted by the US National Institute of Standard & Technology (NIST)
and under direct control of the United States Department of Commerce.
Acquires listing for Fingerprint Cards Inc. of Stockholm Stock market in Sweden (now
Development and Manufacturing departments separate to become Secure Design Co., Ltd.
Capital reduction in 2008 to 100 million yen in order to settle debts remaining since the
company inauguration.
2010 Expansion to overseas parts procurement, as well as strategic transformation in product
specialization, to dealing with competitor products on a global scale and change of name to
Technoglobal Inc.
2012 Contract signed with Japan’s largest security company for fingerprint authentication
algorithm to be used in important facilities’ entry and exit management systems.
2013 Opening of a "Technoimagia Online Shop" on Rakuten
2015 Alibaba market entry