Provide total solution of Biometrics Authentication
Creating a secured environment using private information

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  • ● those who wants to embed biometrics authentication into IoT equipment
  • ● those who is interested in individual authentication / verification
  • ● those who can collaborate for innovative biometrics sensor development
Transparent, Flexible, 3D sensor packaging / Authentication IC development
/ System development

  • 組み込み機器に

  • 生活に溶け込む

Glass fingerprint sensor module /
Fingerprint authentication
【Jupiter S1/A1】
  • 〈front〉

  • 〈back〉

High sensitivity ・High reliability
● ESD resistance 15KV  ● Surface strength 9H  ●
New guidance frame installed

Built-in LED mounted
● Enables visualization of fingerprint registration and authentication

Suitable to embedded devices
  • ● Software customizable according to user’s requirements
  • ● All in one fingerprint authentication module with algorithm
  • ● Automatic recognition of dry fingers, wet fingers, scarred

No residual fingerprints remain
● Sensor areas and surrounding metal frame are improved enough to remove
residual fingerprint

Technoglobal Inc. Security Division Sales Gp

The future of biometric authentication considered by Technoglobal Inc
Towards a safe and secure society that blends into life
New material sensor
● We deepen our unique authentication algorithms and
support all

  • 光るセンサ

  • 表示一体型

  • 静脈センサとハイブリッド

  • ハンドル

  • 曲面画面上

  • シフトノブ

Individual verification solution
● Because the matching template is small, you can
send it in various means

  • (例)Music Festival Ticket
    (例)Print authentication template to

    QR code

  • ● Resale is impossible
    ● Identity guarantee
    ● No leakage of fingerprint data

New Products Introduction
【Jupiter S 1】 Model No. :C1-256-S1 Fingerprint Sensor Module
【Jupiter A1】 Model No. :C1-256-A 1 Fingerprint Authentication Module
  • ● All in one authentication Module
    ● Ultra-thin glass capacitive fingerprint sensor
    ● New anti-scratch hard surface coating
    (Surface strength 9H)
    ● 1 million wear cycles, excellent durability
    ● 256 true gray scale values / High image quality
    ● Fingerprint residual prevention, free from
    finger taint & fake-finger-proof
  • ● Built-in patented algorithm
    ● Market proved technologies
    ● Accepts any scanning position no matter how a finger is rotated, High performance verification
    ● Super low power consumption
    ● Status LED display
  • ● +2.7V ~ +3.6V working voltage
    ● 15KV ESD protection
    ● High speed SPI interface
    ● FFC connector
    ● Compliant with RoHS environment regulation
    ● Ergonomic frame for optimized finger guidance
  • 〈front〉

  • 〈back〉

● Thin & compact, low power consumption electric appliances
● IoT devices
● Smart locks, safety boxes and lockers
● Computer peripherals
● Various kinds of embedded electric appliances
● Wireless devices
● User authentication appliances, devices
● Privacy protection

Product summary

JupiterS1 is a new glass fingerprint sensor with several significant advantages. It uses the latest Japanese technology and originated in the world. The sensor body is compact and easy to install, only 3.1mm thick without connector. The sensing circuit is made of glass, which achieves high sensitivity and high accuracy on it. JupiterS1 delivers superior image quality, with 256 gray scale values in every single pixel. The reflective measurement method sends an electrical signal via the frame directly into the finger. This technique enables the use of an unbeatably hard and thick protective surface coating. The sensor with its glass sensing technology can detect virtually any finger whether it’s dry or wet, enhancing fingerprint-resi-du-al-proof and fake-fingerprint-proof functions. Thanks to the new extremely hard and durable surface coating, JupiterS1 is protected against ESD well above 15 kV, as well as scratches (9H), impact and everyday wear-and-tear. JupiterS1 comes with a convenient flexible flat cable, which helps with high-speed SPI interface. JupiterS1 is designed in a way of micro-ergo-nomic guidance frame, simplifying proper fingerprint guidance and hence improving algorithm performance.

JupiterA1 fingerprint module is an all-in-one personal ID authentication module, including a glass fingerprint sensor together with a fingerprint authentication chip. JupiterA1, with its status LED display, brings together high-precision and easy to use into a wide range of applications, including access control, industry and healthcare, and Internet of things (IoT) , etc. It brings the additional ID verification function to your p roducts. This high cost-effective module has a brief program; and it has small size, can offer OEM product meeting customer’s requirement; it can self-adaptive for “dry” or “wet” finger; the unique algorithm can identify scared, cut and cracked finger ; can offer technical support for professional developer.